In the first part of this entry (here) – a story of how B58 behaves if the AC is damaged. 

The most interesting for me – the engine shivered so strongly that DME even identified some misfires. Let’s see now how DME managed this task (identifying misfires). 

As a source, let’s take the same screenshots from the first part of the entry – recording 2,5 minutes of idle. 

In the first image, we see that a single misfire in cylinder No.5 is shown during the whole screen. Actually, on the 6th second, there is a misfire in the 4th cylinder, which DME misses. I researched this image in magnification – no curve of other misfires “appears” on the background.  

On the 22nd second, a misfire in the 1st cylinder, and – again, zero reaction.

On the 50th second, again, there is a misfire in the 1st cylinder, and again – DME does not notice this misfire. 

On the 66th second, the 4th cylinder is very close to a full-fledged misfire; DME does not notice this event. On the 73rd second, finally, the misfire counter of the 5th cylinder is cleared. On the 79th second, there is a misfire in the 2nd cylinder; this time, DME is up to the task!

On the 95th second, there was a repeated misfire in the 2nd cylinder; DME noticed this event, too.

 On the 110th second, a misfire (close to it) happens in the 6th cylinder, but DME does not notice this event. A second later, an identical failure in the 2nd cylinder – DME notices this event. On the 20th second misfire in the 2nd cylinder, DME does not notice this event. On the 122nd second, cylinder No.2 fails again – DME notices this event. 

On the 135th second misfire in the 1st cylinder, DME did not notice anything suspicious. On the 149th, the second misfires in the 4th, 3rd, and then in the 2nd cylinder. DME does not notice any of these 3 misfires.

The most interesting in all of this is that DME noticed the misfires of exactly the 2nd cylinder. Everything else – completely “failed”!

One more nuance – DME, for a long time (even for several tens of seconds), is not clearing misfire counters. Even for correctly working cylinders. Is this a hint that the engine is persistently/continuously works unstable? If yes, then this is one more failure. 

What are my conclusions? I dare to say that the psychic with a crystal ball would do no worse! I have only one question – how such performing misfire algorithms were put into series production? How such an algorithm can be offered for (already) 8(!) years? If this idea is not working in idle, then turn it off in this mode! What is the point of a completely incorrectly performing system? To give a hint that everything should be replaced? All spark plugs, ignition coils, injectors?