In the picture: the overvoltage protection installed on low-side switches of the injectors:

For each low-side switch, P6KE200CA-TP BI-DIR 600W TVS diode is installed between Drain and Source.


Returning to the topic regarding snubbers of the ignition coils, I invite you to check 2 images below:

Image 1


Image 2

These are the thermal images of MSD80 DME (blue: cold, red: hot).

Making thermal images DME itself was tuned in the following position (switches for ignition coils: at the right):


Image 1: DME without snubbers (stock version);
image 2: snubbers installed on the ignition coils.

As we see, the overheating of the transistors of the ignition coil management has disappeared! Here, the confirmation, that this hub is a complete fail, which can damage switches of the ignition coils and part of the usable energy (which should create the spark) is discharged back to the transistors, heating them up uselessly.
Moreover, overheated DME reduces the safety of the low-side switches of the injectors – they already have to handle large overloads in specific conditions.
After installing the snubbers, the reported internal temperature of the DME is only around 35 .. 40 oC even in hot summer: significantly lower than before the upgrade.