When the diagnostics indicated that the injectors should be replaced, one of the N53 series engine owners checked the options. My suggestion to purchase the injectors from the BMW dealer seemed too expensive for him. Are there cheaper options possible?
It turns out there are!
He purchased excellent used injectors from the Rolls Royce dealer! And – what is not less important-significantly cheaper than the typical offer!
The happy buyer sent me the pictures:

Looks excellent! Is it really a success story?
Boxes – original, with labels in which the Rolls Royce name is indicated. But, wait… The code on the injectors is different from the one mentioned on the boxes!

Here, there is a problem – the injectors with this code were manufactured till Year 2013.
Problem No.2 – according to the information available to me: this code of the injectors had only 11 releases.
The third problem is that it is written on the injector that it was manufactured in the Year 2022.
Fourth problem – flowrate coding data of the injector, seen in the last image, are outside the allowed range. It will not be possible to encode the injector by using ISTA; if it is done by using INPA, DME will immediately record the error message regarding the plausibility of the injector encoding data in the error message memory.
This time, I have to note that the injectors themselves look exactly as they should (engravings on the bodies, soldering seams, oxidation around the seams). My assumption is that new inscriptions are printed on old, used injectors. This time, the “specialists” did not know they were printing an incorrect manufacture year with old/inappropriate code. They did not know the encoding range. But they did know how the vertical inscription is decoded (and the manufactury year is printed “fresh” enough).
Those who want to “save” money should remember that the “actual” 048 and 079 injectors are now available only industrially refurbished. The list price of these injectors is around EUR 550/piece; with a 3rd or 4th level discount, they can be purchased for EUR 400/piece.
And finally – when I asked to specify precisely which Rolls Royce dealer sold these injectors, there was a suspicious silence. I did not get any answer to repeated inquiries either. Obviously, these injectors were purchased from some person/intermediary who claimed that they purchased them from the Rolls Royce. Unfortunately, this story does not stand up to criticism.