A concise entry – regarding the mechanical problems.
For the first time, I see the blown sealing ring of the BMW DI petrol engine injector. More precisely – at this moment, it is not even possible to tell anymore if it was installed at all. Instead of sealing – slag pile

Here I have to add that live data and individual adaptations of the injector did not indicate problems with this cylinder directly. In the current case/engine, the scattering of the injector parameters was significant – it was hard to notice any consequences there. This (damaged) cylinder had correct mechanical efficiency in idle (mode, which has more impact from such a defect) both in Homogeneous and Stratified charge modes. And in both modes – correct (not increased) times of injector opening. Obviously, the leaking along with the injector is relatively slight, even in this case.

I assume that the sealing ring was damaged before installing the injector, or somebody had even forgotten to install it. I have replaced the injectors countless times, leaving the old sealing rings. With no signs of blowing. Here it must be taken into account:

a. I did not try to install the injectors of old releases (till 9 .. 10th) repeatedly;
b. immediately after taking out, the aluminum cover should be installed on the nozzle of the injector, which squeezes the sealing ring;
c. when installing the injector, its nozzle and seating should be cleaned from dirt and residue.
In this case, something went wrong for the mechanic who installed this injector.