In this entry, I will compensate for my negative attitude regarding the amateur ignition coil tuning “business”. Part 1 read here.

This time – advice on how to avoid the burning down of your car after such a “tuning”.

The cause of the car catching fire: 

a. installing other (inappropriate/ “more powerful”) ignition coils, DME Ignition switches are overloaded;

b. overloaded switch, sooner or later, will get damaged. As a result of the defect, the switch creates a short-circuit;

c. as a result of the short-circuit, the ignition coil is permanently supplied with the 14V onboard voltage;

d. in the path, a current of 15 .. 20A flows through the coil; the heat energy of 150 .. 200+W is released. The wires start to melt, and the ignition coil starts to melt. 

How to avoid such a scenario?

Install fuse in EACH ignition coil + connection wire. 

a. fuse nominal: 3 .. 5 A; slow-blow type;

b. install these fuses directly in + connection wire (not in wire to DME) – the ignition coil and its connector will be in the ”safe zone” too. 

Here, exactly so simple and cheap (costs: some EUR 10, which includes fuses and fuse holders) can protect the car from destruction. 

Here, example E60; N54

Places of introduction of fuses are marked with red crosses.