I will continue the tradition – I will mention it again, that in at least 90% of cases when the HPFP is diagnosed as the “guilty one”, it is misdiagnosed. These pumps are durable and long-life!

Still, if there comes a moment when it has to be replaced, there are several options.


This time – about the replacement of HPFP of N53 series.

The actual (new) code of the spare part: 13517616170

This is already at least the 7th release of this HPFP:


You can try to find some stock leftovers, using older codes. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed – even if in some warehouses (in their databases) some stock levels of old releases with lower prices were listed, in the shopping cart always the new (last) code with a higher price was inserted.


In several internet forums, a magical “secret” code appears: 13517616446

Yes, there are some internet shops, who sell the pumps with this code for a good price. What are these pumps?

These are pumps, refurbished by the manufacturer, which are sold in an exchange program – you usually have to send your old pump to the seller.

As already mentioned at the beginning of this entry, very often these pumps are in perfect working order, when they are replaced. As if defective pumps are sent back to the BMW (it has to be done by BMW dealer/certified service), where they are cleaned, all technical parameters are checked, several parts are replaced (according to the refurbishing procedures) and are sold repeatedly. Unfortunately, I don’t have information, how serious is this refurbishing process. On one hand – all parts, except the body, could be replaced, on the other – only damaged parts are replaced.

In my opinion, the most important, when such a purchase is done – find out, what warranty terms are offered by the seller. If the seller is a local BMW dealer – your purchase is more reliable. But if the seller is a small internet shop or an unknown seller on eBay – most probably, if you will experience some problems after installation of the pump, you will not succeed with an exchange of it.

Yes, refurbished pumps cost less, but – it’s not without a reason.


In the middle of the Year 2019, the average price of HPFP of N53 series was around EUR 750.

These refurbished pumps are sold for around 400 .. 500 EUR+ delivery. Also, if the pump is sent from USA of another country outside the EU, you will have to pay VAT.

Is it worth to risk due to such small difference in the price? I wouldn’t. But – the choice is up to each individual.