This entry is a good example of how important the nuances are. 

This time, as a patient: N53 series engine in E series body. The owner of this car has replaced everything that he could imagine: spark plugs, ignition coils, and injectors. NOXEM was installed. And still – the progress complete 0. The engine shivers, and it has increased fuel consumption. 

Let’s see the diagnostics data.

As we see, there is a lot of data circled with red. DME has not even created the basic adaptations! What happened?

This time, as if a small thing is to blame – the service center deleted the old adaptations, and… No new adaptations are created, and the unadapted engine is returned to the owner. Even the flywheel is not adapted! While the flywheel is not adapted, it is pointless to expect any progress. DME waits for the performing of this primary service procedure. Unfortunately, this is quite a popular situation – rarely has any service heard something about the re-adaptation of the engine.

The first step to fix the situation – re-adaptation of the engine. 

After a day, I got a new portion of diagnostics data:

As we can see, DME has confirmed both multiplicative type and offset LTFT, and Integrators are correct. Control Lambda probes, too, confirm a correct fuel mixture. 

Flywheel – adapted. Cylinder’s mechanical efficiency – correct. The engine works in Stratified charge. 

Here – the initial adaptations: confirmed. 

The tests of the injector’s chemical efficiency in Homogenous mode are started.

Additional adaptations of the banks in all temperature segments are confirmed. 

DME has performed measurements of injector leaking/fly-time in Stratified charge mode. 

Here, the measurement of the cylinder’s chemical efficiency on the go, in Stratified charge mode – is performed. 

No data field circled with red! Excellent!

After a day, the car’s owner informed me that the situation was better, but still, sometimes, when idle, a permanent vibration could be felt. Vibration slightly changes if the AC is turned on for a moment. At this moment, I have to remind you – please, keep the AC on! During winter, too! Only when AC is on DME is correctly performing in idle! I have mentioned this nuance in several blog entries – look up, if you are interested, why so. You don’t have to worry about the temperature inside the car – the AC is entirely automatic, and its pump has manageable power. Turn on the AC and forget its presence.

After turning on the AC, DME restored the injector adaptation updating in idle, and the permanent vibration soon disappeared.