The owner of the N53 series engine from France approached me. The problem turned out to be trivial: all injectors of the 3rd bank behaved more than strange. Increased flowrate adaptations in all injection modes; two injectors are leaking during cold start. Obviously, the injectors have been cleaned or tested. Who knows. 

As all injectors were at least 8 years old, with unknown history, the owner of the car decided to purchase new ones. All. 

After a moment, I received the message: the injectors are purchased and encoded. The problem has become even more pronounced. What is going on?

I asked to send the diagnostic data. What do we see in them?

Error message regarding encoding data? These are not good news. Rich fuel mixture in both banks?

Crashed HPFP? Here, it looks like a harsh diagnosis. 

We see:

a. DME has stopped the creation of the adaptations;

b. HPFP is completely turned off;

c. injectors in both banks are leaking (not even looking at the 5 bar pressure instead of 150 .. 200 bar);

d. incorrect mechanical efficiency of cylinders;

e. encoding data for three injectors – completely incorrect!

It looks like an already familiar scenario. I asked to send images of the injectors:

Here, I post only images of the injectors with incorrect encoding data. Other 3 injectors – copy/paste of these injectors; the only difference is that encoding data are in the allowed range. 

What can we conclude?

a. bodies of the injectors – incorrect color;

b. manufacture date: February 28, 2010;

c. incorrect release;

d. inappropriate release;

e. encoding data of a Delay parameter are not in the allowed range (with ISTA, it is not even possible to input these data);

f. fake data of the additional “encoding”.

What can we conclude? Already familiar with China-made counterfeits. These thou have some new nuances:

a. realistic month/year manufacture data;

b. individual encoding data for each injector. 

The Chinese are learning – they fix their harshest mistakes. Unfortunately, they still haven’t managed to learn how to make these injectors. 

This time, I would like to remark – that the company/person who labels the injectors with fake labels is also a participant in this fraud scheme. He has more knowledge – he is informed that the encoding data printed on the injector are incorrect. And he fixes the situation with these fake labels and stories regarding “re-measuring”.

Don’t buy these fakes. Their appropriate place is in the trash bin!

Here is the excellent seller and his offer:

Actually, this is not the first case when someone buys “crap” from exactly this current seller. One more “successful” purchase is described here.