Several nuances that I found interesting.

Official manufacturer: ELDOR
Ignition coils, Year 2017 – code: 77460003, release: 01
Ignition coils, Year 2023 – code: 77850002, release: 06

There are changes even in the bodies of the ignition coils:

On the left: coil of the Year 2023. On the right: a coil of the Year 2017.

Fundamental changes: the inductance of the primary winding is reduced to 1.1 mH. For example, for the ignition coils intended for N43/N53 series engines, this parameter was 2.5 .. 3.0 mH (Delphi/Bosch accordingly).
Lower inductance means a larger charging current and more extensive accumulated energy. In addition, the charging time (compared to previous generations) is slightly increased: from 2.2 to 2.5 ms!